How to work with Netscape, Opera and AOL

When you work with browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer, your Internet Activities are stored in specific set of files at browser's current profile.

For example Netscape Navigator stores:

  • Cookies — in "Cookies.txt" file
  • Internet History — in "History.dat", "localstore.rdf" files
  • Temporary Internet Files (Internet cache) — in "CACHE" subfolder of the current profile path

You can see these files when click related node under Local & Internet Activitties node. When you erase lets say My Cookies - "Profile Path/Cookies.txt" is just securely deleted from the drive. When Eraser starts, it tries to detect current user's profile path. If browser other than Microsoft IE is detected, Profile Path tab is added to Eraser's Settings. You can check whether detected profile path is correct and change profile path if needed.

To check and change profile path:

  • Start Active@ Eraser
  • Open Active@ EraserSettings dialog box (see how to)
  • Go to Profile Path tab
  • Check the path
  • To change the path to the profile, select yoour browser and click Change button:

    Eraser tool
  • Select the alternate path and click Ok button
  • Click Ok button in Profile Path dialog to apply changes
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