How to create profile for Clean Up

To create a profile for Clean Up procedure just mark checkboxes for the items to be erased/wiped/cleaned up:

Eraser for Windows

In the example above this profile includes:

  • Folders to be erased completely (with content):
    • F:\MSHTML
    • F:\Test
  • Files to be erased permanently:
    • F:\My temp image.gif
    • F:\New Microsoft Word Document.doc
    • Logical Drive to be wiped out of previously deleted data (existing data are NOT erased):
      • D:
      • G:
    • Activities (Local and Internet caches) to be cleaned up:
      • Find File History
      • Internet Cookies
      • Internet History

    Profile you've created will be saved automatically when you close Eraser and loaded when you start it again. After profile has been created you can clean it up all at once by running Clean Up command using one of the following methods:

    • Click the Clean Up button on the toolbar, or
    • Choose Clean Up menu item under Tools menu, or
    • Choose Clean Up menu item from the context menu of Eraser's tray icon, or
    • Press Windows Key+Alt+C key combination (by default)

    Confirmation dialog may appear where you can verify items to be erased and change erasing options:

    Eraser Clean Up

    Automatic Clean Up procedure for the created profile can be scheduled (see How to Schedule Clean Ups).

    Please verify files and folders you want to erase before erasig starts. Data recovery would not be possible after erasing operation is complete!
    Once profile has been cleaned, selected files and folders are still kept in the profile for future cleanups. When Eraser starts next time it checks all items for the profile. If some of them are missing (previously erased) it suggest you to remove them from the profile:
    Eraser Profile Check
    If you want to keep them in profile forever and do not check them anymore, you can mark related checkboxes. In this case these items will be saved in ERASER.INI file under [ItemsToKeep] section and as long as these items appear on drive again, you'll see them checked and they will be included in the next cleanup automatically. To exclude them from being erased automatically - just remove related lines under [ItemsToKeep] section of ERASER.INI file.
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