How to destroy a hard drive permanently?

To destroy file or folder permanently:

  1. Start Start Active@ Eraser and select one file or multiple files and folders:

    Eraser Windows software. Erase files
  2. Run the Erase command by doing one of the following:
    • Click the Erase button on the toolbar, or
    • Right-click selected item(s), and click Erase on the context menu, or
    • Select the Erase menu item from the Tools menu
  3. In Active@ Eraser Options dialog choose appropriate erasing options.
    You can turn on Verification option to verify data after deletion.
    You can change default erasing method:

    Eraser Windows software options
  4. Click ERASE button and watch the progress and wait while erasing is complete.
    You can cancel the process of data erasing anytime by clicking Stop button on the toolbar.

To include files and folders into the profile for Clean Up:

  1. Start Active@ Eraser
  2. Mark checkboxes for the desired files and folders to be included into the profile for Clean Up
  3. Schedule Clean Up procedure or execute Clean Up command manually to erase selected activities
Please verify items you want to erase before erasing starts. Data recovery would not be possible after erasing operation is completed!
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