Erasing Logical Drives (Partitions)

In all previous examples in this chapter, the process has removed data from a physical drive. Using a similar method, you can erase logical disks and partitions, and even "Unallocated" areas where partitions existed and the area was damaged, or the area is not visible by the current operating system.

Open the DOS Interactive Mode screen and follow the steps below.

Eraser Detected Physical Devices
  1. The Detected Physical Devices screen appears. All system hard drives and floppy drives will be displayed in the left pane along with their system information in the right pane.
  2. Position the cursor over the logical disk or on the Unallocated area.
  3. Press [Enter] to securely remove data.

Erase Operation Complete

After operation is completed successfully, information on how drives have been erased is displayed similar to the data below:

------------- Erase Session -----------------------
Active@ ERASER started at: Thu Feb 20 11:56:51 2003
Target: Floppy (00h) 1.40MB
Erase method: US DoD 5220.22-M Passes:3
Verification:40% (completed successfully)
Time taken: 00:01:26
Total number of erased device(s), partition(s): 1 

If the process encountered errors, for example from bad clusters, a summary of errors would be presented in this report. Use the keyboard arrow keys to scroll through the report.

Details of this report are saved to a log file located in the same order from which you started Active@ ERASER