KillDisk for Industrial Systems

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KillDisk for Industrial Systems

KillDisk for Industrial Systems is an affordable industrial-grade disk sanitation software solution, supporting parallel erasure of 100+ HDDs/SSDs and hot swap operation to keep sanitization workflow continuous. Designed for Windows and Linux platforms, this software solution is highly customizable for any context, supports U.S. DoD 5220-22M erasure (and 20+ more international standards) and allows for fully automated operation. Customizable erasure reports, printable certificates and labels can also be generated to support the sanitation process and maintain accountability.You may erase as many HDDs/SSDs as you need without of extra charges. There is no “charge per erase” policy in effect.

KillDisk Industrial
  • Key Features:

  • Erase data on the entire hard disk drive surface, supports parallel erasing 100+ disks
  • Destroy data permanently with a choice of dozens of international disk sanitizing standards
  • Examine disk integrity and overall stability, disk verification and detect bad sectors
  • Supports Layouts configuration – linking controller ports to graphical disks representation
  • Auto-erase mode sanitizes disks and prints certificates without of any user interaction
  • Hot-swap operations are fully supported, erase could be auto-initiated upon HDD plug-in
  • Browse file systems on disk volumes and inspect particular sectors Hex Viewer on a low level
  • Issue customizable certificates and detailed reports for disk erase and examination
  • Provides enhanced information about disks and their attributes including S.M.A.R.T. monitoring
  • Sanitize external disks (USB drives, external HDD/SSD) connected to both USB/USB3/eSATA ports
  • Advanced Features

  • Supports parallel erasure of 100+ disks
  • Supports Batches – operations on group of related disks in a context of single transaction
  • System advanced configuration and customization
  • Ability to clone a master disk or image to newly sanitized disks
  • Advanced Error Handling of damaged HDDs or HDDs with bad sectors
KillDisk Industrial up to 7 slots $350
KillDisk Industrial 8-15 slots $50/slot
KillDisk Industrial 16-30 slots $45/slot
KillDisk Industrial 31-45 slots $40/slot
KillDisk Industrial 46-60 slots $35/slot
KillDisk Industrial 60+ slots $30/slot
  • Licensed to # of disk slots displayed & erased in parallel;
    Included 1 year of technical support & software updates;
    Software on DVD includes Windows & Linux installations;
  • Complimentary free shipping within 1-3 business days;
    Customer satisfaction policy: 30-day money back guarantee;
    No limitation on number of HDD/SSD/USB disks to be erased.