1. Deleting Confidential Data
      1. Advanced Data Recovery Systems
      2. High Standards
    1. Personal Computer
    2. Drive Storage System
    3. Other
    4. Active@ ERASER Version
    1. Overview
    2. How to...
      1. Configure Eraser
      2. Create profile for Clean Up
      3. Schedule Clean Ups
      4. Erase Internet & Local Activities
      5. Erase file or folder permanently
      6. Erase physical device
      7. Erase logical drive
      8. Wipe out the drive of deleted data
      9. Use Windows Explorer Plug-In
      10. Work with Netscape, Opera and AOL
    3. Security Tips
    4. Troubleshooting
  4. RUNNING Active@ ERASER with DOS Interface
    1. Preparing a DOS-Bootable Floppy Disk
      1. System Formatting
      2. Copying Active@ ERASER to a Floppy
      3. One-Step Method
    2. Modes of Operation
      1. DOS Interactive Mode
    3. DOS Command Line Mode
    4. Autoexecute Mode
    5. Erasing Logical Drives (Partitions)
    6. Erase Operation Complete
    1. I cannot boot the machine from a floppy. What is wrong?
    2. Which operating systems are supported by Active@ ERASER?
    3. How is the data erased?
    4. Does Active@ Eraser software comply with any industry standards for data removal?
    5. How can I download the trial version of Active@ Eraser utility?
    6. Does Active@ Eraser for Windows work under Windows 2000/XP?
    7. Does Active@ Eraser for Windows work under Windows 3.x?
    8. I have Netscape Navigator 4.6 as my default browser. Will I be able to install and use Active@ Eraser?
    9. Does Active@ Eraser support localized (e.g. French, Spanish) file names?
    10. Do I need special OS permissions to install and use the software?
    11. I have Netscape Navigator 4.6 as my default browser. Will I be able to install and use Active@ Eraser?
    12. I want to clear search history that pops up when I try to search the internet using Google or any other internet search engine. How can I do it?
    13. I removed software from the machine, however I cannot get rid of Erase... context menu item in Windows Explorer
    14. I have purchased and copied software onto the floppy. When starting Active@ Eraser, I get a message UNREGISTERED VERSION.
    1. Number of Passes
      1. One Pass Zeros or One Pass Random
      2. User Define
      3. US DoD 5220.22-M
      4. German
      5. Russian GOST p50739-95
      6. Gutmann
    2. Verification
    3. Retry Attempts
    4. Ignore Errors
    5. Clear Log File before Start
    6. Skip Confirmation
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