Hard drive destruction. Notes about erase methods 1


After erasing is complete you can direct software to perform verification of the surface on the drive to be sure that the last overwriting pass was performed properly and data residing on drive matches data written by the erasing process. Because verification is a long process, you can specify a percentage of the surface to be verified. You can also turn the verification off completely.

Retry Attempts

If an error is encountered while writing data onto the drive (for example, due to physical damage on the drive's surface), Active@ ERASER tries to perform the operation again. You can specify number of retries to be performed. Sometimes a damaged sector can be overwritten if the drive is not completely damaged, after several retries.

Ignore Errors

If this option is turned on, error messages will not be displayed while data erasing or verification is in progress. While displaying error messages have been ignored, all information about these errors are written to the HDERASER.LOG file. They are displayed after the process is complete in the final Erasing Report.

Clear Log File before Start

If this option is turned on, HDERASER.LOG log file will be truncated before erasing starts. After erasing is completed, the log file will contain information only about the last session. If this option is turned off, HDERASER.LOG log file will not be truncated and information about the last erasing session will be appended to the end of the file.

Skip Confirmation

The confirmation step happens when the user types ERASE-ALL-DATA as the final step before the erasing process starts. If Skip Confirmation is turned on, the request for confirmation is skipped. This option is typically to be used by advanced users in order to speed up the process. Turning off this option (default state) is safer because you have one last chance to ensure that data from the correct drive location is going to be erased completely with no possibility of future data recovery.

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