The following scenarios are provided from help service offered to actual customers.

What problem are you having?

I have purchased and copied software onto the floppy. When starting Active@ Eraser, I get a message UNREGISTERED VERSION.

Possible Cause: You forgot to copy SETTINGS.INI. This file contains your registration key.

Solution 1: Look for SETTINGS.INI at the installation folder and copy it to the same place where you start Active@ Eraser from.

Solution 2: Install software directly to the floppy disk. All necessary files will be copied there.

I removed software from the machine, however I cannot get rid of Erase... context menu item in Windows Explorer.

Possible Cause: You removed software bypassing standard Uninstall procedure, i.e. by removing the installation folder directly.

Solution 1: Locate and manually delete file EraserDemo.dll (or Eraser.dll) located in WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 folder.

Solution 2: Install software again and perform proper un-installation procedure by executing Uninstall Software menu command.

Microsoft certified for Active@ ERASER