How to wipe out the drive of deleted data?

Wiping out the logical drive of deleted data does not delete existing files and folders, it just processes all unoccupied drive's space so that future data recovery of previously deleted files becomes impossible.

To wipe out drive of deleted data:

  1. Start Start Active@ Eraser and select the logical drive to be wiped out:

    Disk wipe: Eraser Windows software. Erase a logical drive
  2. Run the Wipe command by doing one of the following:
    • Click the Wipe button on the toolbar, or
    • Right-click selected item(s), and click Wipe on the context menu, or
    • Select the Wipe menu item from the Tools menu
  3. Watch the progress and wait while wiping is complete. You can cancel the process of wiping deleted data anytime by clicking Stop button on the toolbar.
Wiping action could be a long process, so that be prepared to wait. At the end of the wiping operating system could post the message like: "Low disk space notification! Do you want to clean up your drive to free more space?" . Just ignore this message.

To include drives into the profile for Clean Up:

  1. Start Active@ Eraser
  2. Mark checkboxes for the desired drives to be included into the profile for Clean Up. These drives will be wiped out of previously deleted data (existing data NOT affected)
  3. Schedule Clean Up procedure or execute Clean Up command manually to wipe out selected drives
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